Monday, October 3, 2011

Quaking 03--The Skull Shaped Door and Quake Customizations

I've been pulling my hair out over the past three days trying to make a screaming humanoid face in GTKRadiant for use in my Quake map, the idea was to use the gaping mouth as a passageway into the next area. It's (for me at least) very difficult to sculpt (for lack of a better word) complicated objects in Radiant, like humanoid faces, for instance.

Eventually it hit me that a skull would make a better, more sinister door than the mouth of a screaming face and just might be easier to make, and the past few days of failure and frustration were making me pretty touchy. So that's what I've done here, and I'm fairly satisfied with the result.

My Skull Door

 Fraps recorded video of the skull door

"Quake doesn't look like that." I hear you saying.

Well yes and no. I am using a few modifications here to make Quake look a little better and play a little smoother. The engine being used is LordHavok's Darkplaces, the textures are Rygel's DP Texture Pack High and the particle fire effects are from Seven's Small Mod Compilation.

I took a screen capture in vanilla Quake to illustrate the differences. Take special note of the textures, weapon, flames and lighting.

Vanilla Quake

Rage releases tomorrow, so don't expect me back any time soon. Peace.